"FtpCopy" program version 1.1 from MaaSoftware


"FtpCopy" program is for copying files from FTP servers by their mask to local folders or to the other FTP servers (FXP mode) and backwards, it can delete files from FTP servers and local folders too.
Program have availability to work in GUI (graphical user interface) by cron tab schedule, and from a command line too.

Command line switches: /copy and /delete:

ftpcopy.exe /copy ftp://sourceftp.somedomain.ru/ c:\destination\folder
ftpcopy.exe /copy ftp://sourceftp.somedomain.ru/*.txt c:\destination\folder
ftpcopy.exe /copy ftp://username:password@sourceftp.somedomain.ru/dir/* c:\destination\folder
ftpcopy.exe /copy c:\source\folder\*.txt ftp://username:password@destination.domain.ru/dir
ftpcopy.exe /copy ftp://sourceftp.somedomain1.ru/*.txt ftp://username:password@destination.domain2.ru/dir
ftpcopy.exe /delete ftp://username:password@destination.domain.ru/dir/*.bak

Program exit codes: 0 - ok, 1 - error.

Distridution conditions: Non-commercial, Freeware.
Restrictions: files copyed have sizes up to 250 megabytes, with no download restarting.


Program site: http://www.maasoftware.com/

Our recommendations: "RusRoute" routing firewall

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