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FtpServer1 program from MaaSoftware, download free version 1.8 for Windows XP and later, Linux amd64 static.


FtpServer1 program is written with using of original author libraries, portable between 32/64 bits of Windows, Linux, FreeBSD. Is is the FTP server implementation.

I have worked with some free and commertial versions of FTP servers, but no one was sutable for me, exept of Unix versions. That's why this distribution was produced.

The main feature of MaaSoftware FtpServer1 program is the high speed of data transfer on multithread environment of OS shown above.

Config file is in xml format is created by program for Windows named FtpServerConfig. That program can be used to create config file for Unix too (in this case you will need to enter path manually), you can use such template of config later to edit it from text editor if you are friendly with xml format.

FXP (server to server) mode is supported, there is possibility to configure its using for each account individually.

Conditions of using and distribution of program - free of charge for non-commertioal using, with small limitation is 10 seconds delay at startup with information of that the program is full functional but unregistered.

FtpServer1 for Unix is working with real paths, you can not use symbolic links for part of path.

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10.11.2016 - version 1.8 is added